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Squashed two bugs


A couple of bugs have shown up after a whole bunch of testing. One was a concurrency issue in the  YCSB log writer (The log is written from a Java Vector, so had synchronization issues when I tried to write from the consistency checking thread). I kept the vector, but changed it so it performed its write from within a synchronized block.

The other bug was quite interesting. I had not tested with a number of keys above 10000, revealing a flaw: nulls were being put into the work queue from reads of pre-existent writes. This resulted in an NPE during the consistency checking. These are now discarded.

The fixing of these issues will allow me to get a wider range of results.


git repos


I should probably post my git repos here too.

These are the parsers I wrote for producing results:

I won’t be posting my main algorithm until the thesis proper is complete. It needs quite a bit of refactoring before I feel it will be presentable.

Draft completed, starting final edit


Results are still coming in for processing. Doing over 4000 test runs per day!

i summon one perfect ssh instructions


Perfect instructions for using ssh:

Getting started with SSHi summon one kim

scala happiness in vim takes 2 lines

cd ~/.vim
svn export --force .

Algorithm (Actually) Completed


My procedures have been debugged, approved and I have been pulling results. Happy days…

Algorithm Completed…


I have worked out the majority of the algorithm logic, but there a few bugs to squash.

The next priority is to set up the set of false transactions, so that we may test the database’s consistency properties.