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running PuTTY with 256 colors


“It is relatively easy to change the TERM setting PuTTY uses to set it to send it as “xterm-256color” (or install the full set of terminfo files and set it to the proper setting of “putty-256color”. — PuTTY doesn’t support Techtronix mode and so is not fully xterm compatible.)
In PuTTY this is changed in the Configuration in the Connection -> Data section. This is the same preferences page where you specify your auto-login username, so you should be visiting this page anyway. With your auto-login username specified, and public key authorization (which you should be using) and a key agent running (PuTTY’s Pageant does this) you can select a host and log in without being prompted for username or password.

With your TERM set to anything close to accurate, you can then leverage all 256 colors in other applications without manually tweaking the settings for every application.”

Steven Black 17:49, December 9, 2010 (UTC)


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